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Coquillage-Coquillage Blanche/White

Coquillage-Coquillage Blanche/White

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It means "shellfish" in French.
A blouse that expresses the surface and growth of shellfish with delicate pleats.
Using a type of pleats called “Crystal pleats”,
By randomizing the inclination of the pleats, we have devised so as not to give too much of a sweet and elegant impression.
The design of the chest part is docked with a characteristic bustier that imitates a heart on top, and the uncut design gives a casual and sophisticated impression.

size 0 1 2
front shoulder width 59 60 61
back shoulder width 61 62 63
Sleeve Length 58 59 60
front length 48 49 50
back length 52.5 53.5 54.5
Width 42 44 46
Front hem width 41 43 45
Back hem width 42.5 44.5 46.5
sleeve width 12 12 12
cuff width 12 12 12

made in Italy

Material: 100% polyester

laundry display

Because it is a delicate fabric, please be careful not to catch it on other things when putting on or taking off. Iron only at low temperature with a pressing cloth.
The pleating of this product is not permanent.
Pleats may disappear due to wearing or cleaning.

*Handling Precautions*
For this product, the edges of the fabric are intentionally cut off in order to keep the pleat folds beautiful and express a luxurious and fashionable design .
Therefore, the thread may unravel, so please handle with care.
Don't worry if you find any frayed threads, the weft threads will gradually come off as frayed threads.
Cut any unnaturally long threads.
Please clean or wash by hand .


See “aLORS amis” for images worn by height

Please look. 〉〉〉 click!



*Before using the product, be sure to check the precautions on the tag, etc.

*The product image may look darker than the actual color depending on the lighting conditions.

*There may be slight deviations in measurements due to measurement.

*It will be delivered around the middle of May.

*Please note that the scheduled delivery time may change due to production reasons.


* Notes when purchasing online *

◆If you pay for Coquillage Perle and other products at the same time◆

It will be shipped together in mid-May when the blouse is shipped.

◆If you pay for Coquillage Perle and other products separately◆
Shipped with each order.

If you would like to receive the items on sale first, please be sure to pay separately.
If you pay for items with different delivery dates, they will be shipped together with the item with the later delivery date. Please note.

*Shipping will be charged for each order.
*After confirming your order, we are unable to provide a summary of shipments or individual shipments.


Material: 63% acrylic, polyester
25% cotton 12%









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